When Your Car Key Is Malfunctioning Contact a Locksmith

When Your Car Key Is Malfunctioning Contact a Locksmith

Getting into your car should be as easy as turning the key. Unfortunately, there are many reasons you may find yourself unable to start your car with a working key. Knowing the problem and an auto locksmith can help you determine how to get back on track to driving around without too much delay!

Car keys have a variety of problems that can arise and not all of these reasons are the key’s fault. Instead, there may be a problem with your car’s ignition or security systems, such as a faulty lock cylinder or incorrect programming.

The following is a list of common reasons why you may not be able to start your car:

Stuck Key

If your car key gets stuck while turning, it might be due to debris in the lock cylinder. If you can turn the key and remove any dirt or material, this should solve the issue. However, if your key is damaged or broken and cannot be removed from the ignition, you will need to call an auto locksmith for assistance.

Not Programmed

Some new keys can be programmed to a car’s security system by using a scan tool. A scan tool can connect to your vehicle’s computer and program new keys, so they work with the ignition. Consult with a mechanic or locksmith to see if this is possible, as it requires special equipment.

Incorrect Key

If you have lost your car keys or bought a used set, they might not work in the ignition. Always check that you are using the correct key when trying to start the vehicle.

Battery Issues

If you have installed aftermarket keys or components, the battery may be low. The onboard computer requires electrical power to operate certain functions, including starting the car. Ensure that the key’s electronics are powered properly with a fresh battery before assuming it is defective.

Sticky Lock

Sometimes, dust or grime can build up on the lock cylinder and make it stick. If you live in an area with lots of dust, dirt, or sand, this can become a more frequent issue. Having your ignition serviced will ensure that the lock tumbler is clean and moving properly so that it does not interfere with your key’s ability to turn.

If you cannot get into your car with a working key, assess the situation before you do anything drastic. Some car key repairs may involve replacing just the blade, although this isn’t always the case.

In other instances, you’ll have to replace the entire lock cylinder because it’s been worn down over time or damaged in some way.

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